Congrats Stef & Andres

Congratulations to Stefanie and Andres on their marriage. It was such a pleasure to be a part of the wedding and the party… even though I was hung over. The day could not have been any more beautiful… and these two deserved to have a great day. Stefanie and Andres are great friends and it was very nice to see them get married. Ute was the photographer for the entire day and she did an outstanding job. Please comment on her photos (CLICK HERE). Ute also took some awesome pictures on Friday at the beach in Westport. The weather was kind of strange and it worked to her advantage. The clouds and the rain and the sun all worked together and there was even a rainbow it was amazing (Click Here). I start Summer classes tomorrow which means my social life will be dead. Hope all is well for everyone. = )


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5 responses to “Congrats Stef & Andres

  • Ilka

    I just switched from Ute’s side to yours and was able to see the beautiful pics of the wedding. Really nice place to get married. And the pics you were talking about with the clouds and the rainbow were sooo beautiful. I am glad you guys had a great time at the wedding, even with a hang over;-)

  • Ute

    hi babe pie. thanks for your cute entry. I will send the link to steffi. you are such a sweet guy, I will even forgive you that you were hang over. haha. mommy and I miss you now!!!! love you!

  • susit

    Hangover, huh? ;)

    I think you had a great job with carrying Uti’s chair on the beach – congratulations for your A in german, that is impressive.

  • steph

    Thanks Justin for your nice words. We were very happy to have you there. It was an amazing day. We couldn’t have picked a better day to get married. And Andres and I are so happy about the pictures Ute took on our special day. They turned out great.

  • Romi

    That is a fantastic rainbow, and wow you’re taking classes in the summer? With all the temptation to go outside and play??? Now THAT is dedication, hope it’s going well!

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