Daily Archives: May 13, 2008

Death and Devistation

Is the world mad at us? It appears the world has devised a plan to wipe out mass amounts of people. High powered winds shred homes and entire cities to bits and leave people desperate and alone. The earth shakes buildings and roads so violently it reduces them to re barb and dust. The Ocean speaks to thousands as it violently crashes into communities and destroys hopes and dreams. You and I are pretty luck today! I can not even begin to imagine what the people in Myanmar and China are going through. Death tolls have reached the hundred thousands and rescue efforts are failing. Here in the U.S. tornadoes and hurricanes are ravaging the mid-west. Hundreds of storms have already blown through the country this year, causing many fatalities. The world speaks… and is not concerned whether we are listening. Is anyone else as scared as I am? Mother nature does not care about our efforts to go green or cut down on pollution. The earth does not need us here. She is proving that little by little with each horrible catastrophe.