Daily Archives: May 12, 2008


There are several bands that have decided to call it quits in the past year and I just want to give mention to them. Good music was given to the ears of the world and many people have never even heard these songs. I went to the BAMBOOZLE a couple weeks ago and 2 well known bands played their last shows there. The Starting Line And The Receiving End of Sirens!!

Here are some bands that have broken up over the past few years. Please check them out, because you may end up listening to your new favorite!!

Click the band names to see their page!

2) The Juliana Theory 1997-2006
3) Hot Rod Circuit 1997-2007

4) The Starting Line 1999-2008

5) Moros Eros 2005-2008

6) Face to Face 1991-2003

7) The Get Up Kids 1995-2005

8 The Format 2001-2008

9) Somerset 2002-2008

10) Biology 2005-2008

11) The Early November 1999-2007

12) The Movie Life 1997-2003

13) Matchbook Romance 1997-2007

14) Hidden in Plain View 2000-2007

15) Hopesfall 1998-2008

16) Yellowcard 1997-2008

Reunion Shows are always possible! =)