Daily Archives: May 8, 2008

Great News!

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I am published!! Today is a happy day for me. Although an article in a school newspaper may not be the worlds greatest accomplishment, it does satisfy me…for now. It may not be the greatest thing I have ever written, but it serves a purpose and it will speak to someone. I could have really added a lot more substance to the story but due to the unfriendly nature of time I had to send in a sloppy draft. Although sloppy and not well edited, thanks to me sending it at the last moment before the deadline, it was still published and I feel like the worlds greatest writer. I chose to take a professors advice and write about how the advances in computer technologies hinder the excellence of educators. Many professors do not even know how to check email. Come on, what year is it?? WTF?! Anyway, I don’t know if you can view the photo at a larger size but I did get a nice sized column (about half a page) in the Letters to the Editor section. I feel proud and I seem to be getting positive feedback.