Irish Car Bomb

The band Hot Rod Circuit offered fans a lot of great songs in the ten years they were together. Not only did they offer good songs but they opened a gateway for the band members to start their own bands. The singer of Hot Rod Circuit, Andy Jackson has played guitar for Reggie and The Full Effect and Say Anything, sang with his wife in Safety in Numbers and is currently the singer for Death in the Park with HRC bassist Joe Ballaro. Andy is also rumored to be taking Fred Mascherino, of The Color Fred‘s spot in Taking Back Sunday. Andy went through a lot, especially when his house in New Haven burned to the ground. Andy received a lot of help from bands such as Brand New, who played charity shows to get money for Andy and his family. Casey Prestwood played lead guitar for HRC. He is currently adding his talent to many different projects. Casey is playing as Casey James Prestwood, which is very southern Rock style music. Casey also plays in The Only Children and Diamond J and the Rough. Dan Duggins and Joe Ballaro were not original members of HRC but they made very skilled replacements. For any Hot Rod Circuit fan I think one of the hardest ideas to cope with was seeing Jay Russell leave the band. Jay Russell went on to start Diamond J and The Rough. Diamond J is a mix of southern rock/emo and acoustic. They are definitely worth seeing live. Diamond J and the Rough played at Hot Rod Circuit’s last show ever, in New Haven CT. Jay even played bass for his old band on a couple songs. Dan Duggins is an amazing drummer and was always a good friend when the band came around. Dan is now running a drumming website and enjoying his free time. Hot Rod Circuit offered amazing songs and something more of a party than a concert every time they played live. They will be missed… but their sounds live on through the other bands that were created. (Breathe in… exhale…)


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  • Sanna

    Hmm I’ve never heard of any of the bands or people in this entry but they sound worthwhile knowing… I may have to investigate ;-)
    Have a great week!

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