Hey Hey Hey!! I just wanted to give you a sample of some stuff I’m listening to. Thought you might find as much enjoyment in music as I. Music is very influential and I wouldn’t be me without it. ENJOY!!!

1) Manchester Orchestra – Where Have You Been
2) O’Death – Ground Stump
3) Brand New – Handcuffs
4) Kiss Kiss – Machines
5) Murder by Death – Ash
6) Thrice – Silver Wings
7) The Andrew Jackson Jihad – Bad Bad Things
8) Damien Rice – Coconut Skins
9) The Beautiful Mistake – Of Human Bondage
10) Volta Do Mar – We Watch a lot of Movies
11) James Figurine – 55566688833
12) The Gutter Twins – Each to Each

Please look these bands up and enjoy.
Peace, love, midgets and unicorns to all!!


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