What is nanotechnology? Nanotechnology is a branch in the field of applied sciences that works on an extremely small scale, 100 nanometers or less. Working at a size this small is not something that most of us can comprehend. I have found video that shows an accurate animation of how nanotechnology works. Nanotechnology is already being looked at in the field of ecology and in the medical world. Nanotechnology might be the future cure for cancer and other illnesses. Scientists have found a way to manufacture molecules (they can create situations where only certain molecules can bond and they can break down other molecular compositions). This might sound like a bunch of blabbering or just really confusing but if you watch the videos I think they will help a little.

Nanotechnologies creating products

Nanotechnologies destroying carcinomas (Cancer)

Nanotechnologies NANOBOTS!!


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3 responses to “Nanotechnology

  • Ute

    Babepie. You have too much time on your hand and I should train you better. You really should finish your paper! :) I am so stuffen, going to bed now. Love you sexy man.

  • Anonymous

    Great stuff. Hope medicine will successfully use it soon. Cancer is the scariest thing. It is almost so certain that you will be touched by it in your life.

  • Anonymous

    He this is cool stuff. I’ll use it in my classroom. My computer students will love it!

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