Artificial Intelligence is home to several chatting bots. Joan is the most advanced bot. Joannie is in intellegent program that uses videogrammetry. An actress is shown as a talking avatar for Joan. Joan, the winner of 2006 Loebner Prize is accredited with being human like. You may have a conversation with Joan and she responds to you. Joan has passed the Turing test as well. This test was invented to show if computers can trick humans into thinking that they are human. Joan is a lot of fun and is an interesting program. Don’t kill too much of your time!!



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  • Nieschu

    babe, creapy! :) I dont know how you have time to find all that stuff. i need to put you to work! love ya pumpkin

  • Nissa

    Thanks for the comment on my blog.
    Fasting isn’t easy, it really takes a &#*$load of willpower and the desire to be in pain for at least a few days.

    Once your body goes in to survival mode, it releases a chemical that stops the hunger feelings, and then you feel super energized. At that point, your body has stopped using a crapload of it’s daily energy for digestion and starts spending the excess on healing things that have been left – old injuries, sore muscles, joints, etc.

    Then, you clear out your intestines. Start over with eating. I always find that I’m appreciate food more once I’m done, eat slower, and less.

    It’s just very enlightening, and you have an extra few hours a day to spend on not eating.


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