What if water lost it’s chemical properties? What if for some reason, the universe wanted to change it? What if water lost it’s covalent hydrogen bonds? What if water lost it’s polarity? Think about it! All surface tension would cease to exist. Insects that scale the surface of lakes and ponds. Birds that sit so majestically on top of the water. These types of occurrences would transform into mayhem. If water molecules lost their bonds, boats would no longer float and surfers would fall through the water and drown. Swimming would not be a possibility. Hydrogen and oxygen would no longer bond and the world would be in shambles. Clouds would not exist. What would we drink? Snow…gone! Water The Universal Solvent!! Nope, no more. The world of chemistry would change forever. Since humans are made mostly of water, would we exist?


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2 responses to “H2O

  • Ellen

    Hey Mr.C! I just read your comment on my long-dead China blog and thought to myself: Who the hell is Justin Michael? Sneaky!

    Maybe, sometime in the distant future, I will revive my blog – or just start a new one! Cos my life exciting like that! *coughcough*

    Oink, oink from Germany…Ellen

  • Nieschu

    babe, i can only see a few pictures, most of them dont show up. you need to stop writing and help me clean up the apartment, thats what really matters. ;) just teasing I love you pumpkin head

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