It is awfully foggy but I have got to move forward. The fog is hazardous. I know I’m not the only one driving and I fret for the others as well. The haze thickens but I still drive. The radiance of the fog lights assists me and I slow my pace. I can just about see now. It will be a long time until I meet my destination. When I arrive I recognize that my journey will not be complete. I must keep going and accomplish my goal. The fog has vanquished me before but not today! Others may pull over and wait but I continue my journey.


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2 responses to “Fog

  • Paul B.

    Dude you are seriously off the hook…! Love it.

    Now this is the surprise of the wee if not the month.

    Great style.. really.

  • Paul B

    .. of course I mean “week” and not “wee” there is a small difference between those two things..

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