Spring Afternoon (PART I)

A spring afternoon is upon us and I am taking it in. I breathe in the warm air and walk briskly in the direction of my car. I feel the cool gentle wind blowing through my hair and it gives me a slight chill. The beginning of spring is awfully enjoyable following a long winter. I get in my car and flip on my Mp3 player. As I back out of my space and begin to drive I roll the windows down for the first time since fall. I get the feeling that my ride home will be breathtaking. My favorite song from Brand New is playing and I am enjoying the fresh air. The color of the sky speaks to me like that of a canvassed art work. The sky ranges from deep blue to different shades of gray all garnished by soft, fluffy, white clouds. I pull up to the parking lot outside my apartment and I feel energized. I am almost saddened to end my journey so suddenly but I know that there are many things to be done today. I snatch my belongings from the seat and close the car door. My keys, still in hand are now being aimed at unlocking the downstairs entrance to my apartment. I step in and let the door close behind. I begin my ascent to the 2nd floor, which is where I reside. I begin to feel as though something is not right. I feel a mysterious dizzy spell. “I must be hungry!” I utter to myself. I unlock the door to my apartment and I enter. I put my items down on the kitchen table and get my work clothes ready. I come back to the kitchen and search for a quick snack. “Eh, Pop Tarts…ha-ha, I guess this will do.” I often laugh to myself in regards to the crap I eat when I am in a hurry. I put the package of Pop Tarts down and suddenly I find myself standing in the kitchen with a very peculiar feeling. My heart begins to race and I feel a cold sweat pouring down my face. “What the fuck is hap—” the rest of my words fade out. I can hear the floor breathing heavily. The painting on the wall is giving me a look as if it were ashamed of me, so ashamed that it has begun to cry. I scream “What is wrong with me?” I am in disbelief. “This can’t be happening.” My vision is completely distorted. What is going on? Am I sleeping? This must be a dream. Could it be true that the beautiful spring day was actually non-existent and I was still in bed sleeping? I have so many questions but who could answer them? My head is in excruciating pain and I can hear a sound like a fuzzy TV. I begin to hear my insides. It is a similar experience to putting ear plugs in your ears. I could hear my breathing and my heart beat and I could also hear my bones creaking, like a hardwood floor. As I found myself on the kitchen floor I, for a moment, was beginning to feel relieved because my senses seemed to come back to me. I took a moment to regain my composure. “Holy shit, what the fuck is going on?” I got up off the floor and ran to the bathroom. I washed my face with cold water and I looked up for a moment. In the mirror there was a strange figure looking at me. I was freaked out and I jumped back and the figure did the same. I moved and it moved. I moved in closer to get a better look and the figure spoke. As the mouth moved and a voice could be heard, there were no words, sounds were expelled but it was screeching and mumbled chatter. “Who the fuck are you?” I asked in fear. The answer I got was more coherent than that of the first screeching although I did not enjoy what I heard.

… To be continued


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4 responses to “Spring Afternoon (PART I)

  • Anonymous

    WTF?!Who/what is it?

  • Nieschu

    beautfiul. I love you babe, sorry for yelling at you at 1 am this morning, but this test was just too much too handle. I am also sorry that I put my leg around you and therefore you could not move away from me, but I need you to hold me tight cause you are my heater at night. (Totally rhymed) Kisses to you my bearded love

  • Romi

    what the eff!?!?!? Okay, I was gonna comment and be like “awww…we had a lone beautiful “spring-like” day up in canada last week too!!! Clearly you went ahead in a different direction that I did not see coming…haha…okay I have to read parts II and III ;-)

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