Invisible Children

Has everyone heard about Invisible Children? As Humans we should all at least watch the videos of this devastating problem. Invisible Children is about the displaced women and children of Uganda. “Where is Uganda?” you might ask. Uganda is a Country in Africa that is being destroyed by War. Think about when you have a bad day. Really think about it for a moment. Our bad days consist of a problem zit or car trouble or maybe a death in the family or some guy cut you off in traffic. Now put yourself in Uganda. Imagine your family being tortured and degraded right in front of you. The men are either killed or taken as prisoners, the women are raped and killed, and the children are left to die. This has been happening now for over 20 years. 1.5 million people in Northern Uganda have been placed in concentration camps and they are dying by the thousands. WE CAN SAVE THEM! You don’t always need to buy that large coffee in the morning or add fries on to your lunch. Take your dollar and give it to these children. I have sat and watched hours of Uganda documentaries that have made me want to just cry.  In 2006 and 2007 Americans throughout the country banded together and displaced themselves. These kids left home and flocked to major cities in 15 states and spent the night outside, bonded with one another, and lived, for one night, like the children of Uganda. This demonstration was for the displaced children of Uganda. The government saw that the youth of America were so committed to this issue, they also became involved. Actors such as Benjamin McKenzie (O.C.) and Ryan Gossling (The Notebook) got involved and went to Congress with Invisible Children. Senator Sam Brownback, Sen. Feingold, Sen. Inhofe, Sen. Boxer and Senator John Kerry were all inspired by the Invisible Children video and vowed to make a difference. They stated that Americans need to speak up about issues. When you speak it makes a difference. Make a Difference! Please Watch the videos and please pass on the word.
I was inspired by our nation’s youth and I hope you will be too.

Uganda Rising

Displace ME!

Congress making a difference


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