Murder By Death

Murder By Death is a band which anyone may enjoy. The band name is reminiscent of a hard-core band but the name comes from a classic film starring Peter Faulk and Peter Sellers. The band is in a class of their own. The style of this band is very hard to describe. If you want to understand the sound of MBD you should put yourself in an old western saloon, order as much whiskey as you can drink and imagine the ghost of Johnny Cash on stage with the band Cracker accompanied by the undertones of the band Thursday. They have a very dark yet sophisticated sound. Murder by Death has matured over the years. The first album “Like the exorcist but more break dancing” is a very instrumental album. The album gives you an example of how good the entire band can play their instruments. The cellist, Sarah Balliet is showcased nicely on this album. The best song on this album is I’m Afraid of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf. The lyrics are clever and fun. Virginia Woolf was a novelist from England who became very famous for her writing in the twentieth century. Toward the end of her life she developed a lot of mental issues and committed suicide by filling her pockets with rocks and drowning herself. A good line from the song is- “All of this pretending makes me feel a bit confused. You spent your life losing yourself and now you’re marked as used.” This song is amazing and the lyrics get stuck in your head. Murder by Death’s next album Who Will Survive and What will be Left of Them? ” is by far the band’s most complete piece of art. Every song on this album is incredible and never gets old. The album consists of subjects like: The Devil, Whiskey, Zombies, Death, More Whiskey, and The Devil. This recording will keep you coming back for more. In Bocca al Lupo” is the next release by Murder by Death. This album was more upbeat and showed a different side of the band. Adam Turla mirrors the sound of Johnny Cash both in his voice and his guitar playing. The album offers all different styles. This album even has a Pirate Song, What is better than that? The song Brother became an online hit. The lyrics speak about a man who is in trouble with the law and no matter how bad it gets his brother will not betray him. Adam Turla wrote this song but the funny part is that Adam does not have a brother. Murder by Death has always been amazing with their instruments, but you could hear how much they have improved. Murder by Death has many great songs and continues to release more and I hope this trend continues for a long time. Murder by Death is my favorite band. They have a lot of creativity and fun. The band’s newest release Red of Tooth and Claw” will be just as amazing. I can’t wait to see them live again in April.

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